Universal Cylindrical Grinder

Universal Cylindrical Grinder

Product Description

Product Name:
Universal Cylindrical Grinder
Country of Origin:
UM, UA, UH-300, 400/1000, 1200, 1500

Detail Specifications

* Heavy bed provides a rigid base to carry all units and possesses great stiffness, sufficient slideway length to support the table in all position.
* Eight-speed type workhead with all belt driven provides full power at all speeds.
* Wheel spindle is induction hardened and precision ground.
* Wheel spindle lubricates automatically and is electrically interlockes with motor. These ensure the durability of the grinding wheel spindle and bearings, and also the roundness, superior finishing of the workpiece.
* Hydraulic table traverse has end dwell at both ends of the stroke, and is equipped with independent, stepless speed controls, for both directions.

Standard Equipment:
* Swivel base motor-driven workhead
* Lever-operated tailstock
* Workhead & tailstock centers
* Standard grinding wheel
* Wheel flange and extractor
* Wheel dresser holder
* Coolant supply unit
* Lubricant supply unit
* Table swivel indicator
* Splash guard
* Diamond dressing tool
* Tools and tool box

Extra Equipment:
* Internal grinding attachment
* 3-point steady rest
* 2 point steady rest
* 3-Jaw self-centering chuck and plate
* 4-Jaw independent chuck and plate
* Permanent magnetic chuck and plate
* Magnet coolant filter
* Radius wheel dresser
* Angular wheel dresser
* Wheel balancing unit
* Extra grinding wheel
* Extra wheel flange
* Extra diamond dressing tool

Models Availables:
* UM-Hand traverse and hand wheel feed
* UA-Hydraulic table traverse, wheelhead approach by manual
* UH-Hydraulic table traverse, wheelhead rapid approach and retraction
* AGC-Table left-right movement, hydraulic driven wheelhead, rapid approach and retraction, automatic feed