Heavy Duty Plain Roll Grinder

Heavy Duty Plain Roll Grinder

Product Description

Product Name:
Heavy Duty Plain Roll Grinder
Country of Origin:
HR800/3000, 3500, 4000

Detail Specifications

* Apply for grinding of the straight faced rolls, large machinery columns, car axles, printing cylinders, large motor amatures and other work of same nature.
* Heavy bed are subtantially ribbed provides a rigid base to carry all units and possesses great stiffness. Sufficient slideway length to support the table in all position.
* Sloping table top allows the workhead and tailstock to be moved laterally without losing allignment.
* Electric wheelhead control with quick approach and return.
* Wheelhead spindle are pressure lubricated and a pressure switch is electrically interlocked with wheel motor.
* Workhead spindle drive from D.C. adjustable speed motor.
* Swivel table equipped with a dial indicator function with adjusting device and aids in making exact setting.
* Air bearing provides convient means of moving the workhead and tailstock.
* Work carriage has telescoping guard to protecting sliding way from dirt.

Standard Equipment:
* Face and side wheel dressing atachment
* Grinding wheel flange
* Wheel balancing arbor
* Wheel flange removal
* Cemented carbide center
* Levelling screws and plates
* Splash guard
* Wheel dressing tool
* Standard grinding wheel
* Touch-up paint
* Table swivel indicating dial gauge
* Standard tools and tool box

Extra Equipment:
* Work rest (2-point steady rest)
* Grinding wheel balancing unit
* Magnetic coolant filter
* Extra grinding wheel
* Extra wheel flange
* 3-jaw self-centering chuck with back plate